LISTEN: Panama Wedding’s “A Brand New Life” is a much-needed ray of sunshine

After an extended period of silence following their debut EP Parallel Play, Panama Wedding has returned in full-force with a fresh single – “A Brand New Life” – and an EP set to release at the beginning of November (Into Focus).


As the cliché goes, you shouldn’t judge art by its cover; however, all of Panama Wedding’s cover artwork is almost an exact visual representation of his music styles.  The lines are clearly drawn, the colors are carefully balanced, the design is symmetrical, and everything is crisp and in order.  There’s a touch of nostalgia in Panama Wedding, and “A Brand New Life” finds Peter Kirk & crew remaining in that solid form.  Groovy bass lines, clean vocals, and buoyant melodies score lyrical themes of rejuvenations and starting over.  It seems fitting that Panama Wedding’s re-entry into the music scene is a song about rebirth, and this 80’s-tinged revival is certainly exciting.  “A Brand New Life” is pop music for the analytic, alternative music for the popster, and a much needed ray of sunshine in the oncoming storm of autumn.  If this single is any representation of the new EP, Into Focus is set to equal or — I hope — even surpass the titanic strength of its predecessor.

Tap your feet to this tune in the player below, and be sure to check out Panama Wedding at the following links.

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