LISTEN: Wave & Rome debuts strongly with “Across the Map”


In their debut single, Wave & Rome channels some of the same indie-rock energy as Knox Hamilton, Colony House, and the Killers while hearkening to the vocals of THUMPERS.  Accompanied by a diverse set of remixes, “Across the Map” speaks in broad terms of journeying and reflecting.  While the lyrics don’t point to specific ideas, the imagery conjured is beautiful.

The song’s exuberance and optimism are also undeniable.  Guitars soar, drums thunder, and I can’t help but want to road trip after hearing this song.  And if Wave & Rome’s forthcoming EP is anywhere near the quality of “Across the Map,” they would be worth a road trip to see live.

The remixes complement the single in diverse ways, while celebrating the original track’s genius.  Some of these seem like generic remixes, but I think that some genre bias may have tainted my perception.  Each version is worth a listen and its place on the release.

Download the single by clicking on the album art above (which I find incredibly appealing, by the way), and check out Wave & Rome at the links below.


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