Mirror Dimension Publicity

Under the greater We Are Mirrors banner, I am now offering publicity writing and services for musicians. I love telling people’s stories so listeners and journalists can better connect with artists and their art. If you appreciate how I’ve written about a musician or project you love, let me tell your story too.

I have 5+ years of experience blogging and building websites with WordPress and 3+ years of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication (i.e. marketing, public relations and advertising). I’ve specifically worked in digital marketing and publicity for several artists during this time, writing promotional copy and building/executing PR strategies. You can see some examples of my work on my portfolio website.

Here are the services I currently offer:

  • Marketing and publicity consulting
  • Promotional copywriting and artist bios
  • Web hosting and design
  • Social media marketing (Facebook/Instagram ads)

I understand that independent musicians often don’t have much money to give towards these sorts of tasks, but they are critical in building an artist’s digital footprint and growing their audience. I aim to offer these important services at a truly fair rate for artists.

If you’re interested in having Mirror Dimension Publicity tell your story, or if you have any additional questions, send an email to mirrorsweare@gmail.com