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If you would like to connect with We Are Mirrors for any purpose, you can head over to Facebook or Twitter. You also may send an email to

A note on submissions …

I love receiving submissions. Here’s my policy.

  • Most importantly, read some articles on my blog. See what type of styles of music I tend to cover. If I don’t cover the type of music you make, maybe consider sending an email to someone else (like the blogs A Diverse Sound, Let Us Make a Record, and Spirit You All; they’re all good websites).
  • I will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours of receiving your email. This response may be affirmative, negative, or undecided. If I’m undecided, I’ll get back to you within a week. I don’t like to leave people hanging in any case; it’s not a good feeling.
  • Please send me a stream on Bandcamp or Soundcloud, or better yet a download. If you just ask me to look you up on Spotify or Apple Music, I’m not likely to review your album. It’s not a deal breaker, but I’m very busy with a lot of projects, so the easier it is for me to listen to your record, the more likely I am to consider it.
  • Please include a high-resolution version of your album art. I need it if I’m going to review it.
  • Press kits, additional images, and/or a press release are encouraged, of course, but don’t sweat about it being 100% “professional.” Some of the best submissions have been from thoughtful, personal emails that usually mention a specific post that the sender read and appreciated. Be yourself.
  • If I deny your submission request, I may be interested in offering some private critique over email, if you’re still interested in hearing what I think. If requested, I will respond within a week.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!