Final Project

On Broadway Avenue in North Everett is what used to be a diamond store. The frame for its street sign is empty. The building looks curiously residential and seemingly dormant. This historic building, however, is home to Soniphone Records — a local independent music production company that is anything but inactive.

About two years ago, Kyle Ledford — the founder and CEO of Soniphone Records — announced that his label would begin small-batch vinyl record manufacturing in the heart of downtown Everett. At the time of this announcement, the label was largely a passion project for Ledford who still managed several retail outlets as his day job. Since then, Ledford has left this job to pursue the label’s work full time. He also got married at the end of 2017, shortly after moving locations from his apartment and old office to the new building that put his manufacturing and office work under one roof.

The new building offered other opportunities for Ledford and Soniphone as well. The label can now offer recording services thanks to a renovated basement that now serves as a complete studio with digital and analog technologies. Ledford sought to bring together elements of vintage and modern studios through a blend of recording technologies and strategies from yesteryear alongside