To put it simply, We Are Mirrors is me (EJ Olsen) with a logo and a web domain.

I initially founded this site under the moniker “EJ in the Mirror” as a personal blog and Facebook substitute.  Without a proper vision, this venture ebbed and flowed with regard to posting consistency and quality.  In the autumn of 2014, I totally overhauled the site and writing direction.  The major changes included the addition of an official posting goal and a new name.  In the years since, I’ve experimented with different channels – such as a lo-fi vlog and a podcast – and different features.

At one point, I would have liked for We Are Mirrors to have become a group of people working to produce content that shares a passion that’s contagious.  Now I realize that it likely won’t amount to much more than a hobby.  I’m not concerned with having additional writers or contributors or even keeping a strict posting regimen.  I’m just writing in long form about things that make me excited when I have the time and feel like it.  That’s why blogs were created.  That’s why this blog was originally started.

What this means for content is I’ll be posting about music a lot.  I’ll keep with reviews and interviews, and my studies have introduced me to the joys of feature writing.  There will likely be some occasional pop culture rants, and I’ll probably write more fiction and poetry.  But the main focus is arts and entertainment and their impact beyond mere consumption.

I don’t regret the time I spent trying to stretch We Are Mirrors into something huge.  I learned a lot and got to connect with a lot of awesome people.  That season is over, though.  It never really had longevity.  I would like to say that the blog is sustainable as it currently stands, but I’ll give it another few years before I make that claim.