REVIEW: Seasons of Limbo

The never-stagnant Bomethius returns with Seasons of Limbo, a collection of mature pop songs about the things in life that make us feel uncertain and the things in life that make us feel secure. Like with each preceding project, this new record from singer/songwriter Jonathan Hodges is his best album to date.

Photo by Barbara Brands. Courtesy of Bomethius.

Jonathan Hodges’ output as Bomethius has thus far managed to be a lot of things at once: funny, cerebral, virtuosic, and immediate. On Seasons of Limbo, Hodges remains all of those things, but here he is, most of all, soulful. Sure, that’s a descriptor that also could have applied to nearly every prior Bomethius release thanks to Hodges’ soaring and evocative vocals and violin. However, it’s an even more prevalent mood now. Oftentimes—for better and for worse—Bomethius songs feel like they’re asking you to listen. The songs on Seasons of Limbo feel like they’re asking you to sing along. Hodges isn’t performing from a soapbox; he’s at ground level, on the chair right across from you. Here he’s welcoming you to connect heart to heart.

Such an accessible and relatable record also couldn’t have arrived from Bomethius at a better time. Sure, there are obvious references to the current international, pandemic-induced “season of limbo” that has left so many people starving for connection and stability. However, many of these songs pre-date “that” situation and touch on more common experiences: a new marriage, the existentialism of early adulthood, and sudden tragedies that permanently change us. Hodges’ natural charm carries the listener through these deeply personal concepts. His lyrics feel gentler, but they are no less probing. This isn’t a record of barbed intellect. It’s a record of kind, burgeoning wisdom. This album may be called Seasons of Limbo, but Bomethius has never felt more direct and assured.


Seasons of Limbo can be found on all major digital platforms, but you should buy it from the Bandcamp link below.

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