LISTEN: Don’t judge DoomFolk StarterKit by their name

Despite having one of the more unsightly band names I’ve encountered in some time, DoomFolk StarterKit provides the best sort of pleasant escape that music can offer on their new EP SleepyGhost.

David Swick as DoomFolk StarterKit.

DoomFolk StarterKit, headed by singer/songwriter David Swick, is an outlet built around time-restrained creation. Early “sketchbooks” featured songs written and iPhone-recorded in an hour. Other releases were given slightly more work time, but still maintained a refreshing lack of self-editing. DFSK’s latest offering, the 8-minute, 5-track EP SleepyGhost, was written and recorded in 24 hours, and this first “official” record from the project naturally adds a little more polish than its earlier showings.

The central concept of DoomFolk StarterKit could easily be a death sentence to a lesser act. Leaving little time to ruminate over the creative process could either result in songs feeling tossed-off or an artist’s most self-indulgent tendencies being left unchecked. Thankfully, DFSK avoids both of those pitfalls. SleepyGhost explores small, singular ideas with the intimacy of campfire songs on a still summer night. Its construction is raw but not crude; it’s simple and not at all careless. There may not be a lot of “depth” in this abbreviated collection of short songs, but the authenticity and warmth contained in this humble vessel of an EP is a beautiful thing.

SleepyGhost can be found on all digital platforms. Support the artist directly by purchasing the EP from Bandcamp below.

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