LISTEN: R. Turner’s new EP is a perfect shut-in soundtrack

R. Turner’s latest batch of songs is a welcome balm for troubling times of quarantine and instability.

Singer/songwriter R. Turner’s second Being a Person EP was originally set to release last year, but maybe it’s a blessing that it was released in a time when many are stuck at home. Turner’s songs often feel insular (I’ve written at length about that here), but these four tracks feel even more so. While the first installment of this project was raucous and fuzzy, part two is serene and crisp. Bossa nova stylings, Casio beats, and reverberating electric guitars place the listener in an empty, open space. However, while Turner builds an isolated atmosphere, the EP really doesn’t feel lonely; instead, it’s cozy and soothing.

Being a Person – Pt. 2 is a perfect shut-in soundtrack. R. Turner creates moments of quiet reflection in solitude, covering the listener like a warm blanket in a cold room. As he washes dishes by himself, cherishes marriage, works late, and longs to visit family in the hospital (seriously, how were these songs not written just last week?), he reminds us that there can be a peace in being alone.

Stream or download Being a Person – Pt. 2 on Bandcamp.

Watch the video for “Dishes” below.

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