The Best of 2018, According to We Are Mirrors

In my Best and Worst of 2017 list, I wrote that I hoped to write more on this site in 2018. Technically speaking, I accomplished that goal, but not by a very noticeable margin. To compensate for that, I’m going to ring in 2019 with my longest year-in-review post yet. So, buckle up; we’ve got a long ride ahead of us.

(For a TL;DR summation and my curated Best of 2018 playlist, click here to jump to the end).

What Even Happened in 2018?

Most of my posts this year have either come from direct submissions from artists and repurposed school projects (see here, here, and here). Writing about new artists and some of the local movers and shakers has been really fun, and I believe that it’s also resulted in some of my best work yet.

Outside of official assignments, however, I’ve generally been terrible at self-motivating. There have been some significant solo projects on this blog, though, including the following: a few episodes of Mirror Dimension Radio; another appearance on KSER (this time on Last Exit with Wade T); and the second We Are Mirrors sponsored show (with Paper Lights and Civilized Creature). I also soft-launched a new line of We Are Mirrors-branded merchandise, which you can now purchase here.

Adjacent to this blog, I also wrote two articles for Renew the Arts this year: a roundtable discussion of Brooklyn’s “Ambient Church,” and my long-gestating review of Every Power Wide Awake by John Van Deusen. I’ve also developed a passion and taste for film and contemporary jazz, which I imagine will continue to affect future writing. Finally, I also penned a screenplay with Allegiance Entertainment that, by God’s grace, will someday see the light of day. It’s a pilot episode for a comedy show; it’s funny.

Outside of the blog, 2018 was a very tumultuous and too-often awful year for me. I won’t go into any of that here, but I will say that the best moments from this last year can be directly traced to this blog and the relationships it has built. Suffice it to say that, while only God knows how much I will actually write in the years to come, this blog isn’t going anywhere soon.

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