LISTEN: Italian artist Hexn spins a sinister web of sound on his latest 7″

The latest split single by Hexn is a dense fireball of a release, with scorching textures and tight composition.


Earlier this month, the Italian experimental/noise producer known as Hexn released a new 7″ on Zen Hex. The release, titled YY, is self-described as a concept EP about dualism, or “the eternal struggle of light and darkness … Chaos and peace, noise and silence.”

While there isn’t much peace or silence to speak of on this release, tension certainly abounds. These two tracks brood with churning beats and growling synths. Middle Eastern textures even crop up occasionally (including a shofar … really). The layers are tightly woven, and the songs are masterfully structured.

The first song, “Balance” leans more in a harsh, droney direction — packed with distortion and a growing atmosphere of anxiety. The opposite track, “Complementary Rather Than Opposing,” is exactly what its title says. While definitely still tense and brooding, this song feels more stable and restrained. Driven by a constant bass drum, the track feels more melodic and mysterious than its predecessor, while still seeming like it could explode under pressure at any given moment.

If you dig experimental electronic music with flourishes of noise/drone, world music, and industrial urgency, then this split-single is essential listening.

Hexn can be found on FacebookYY can be purchased and streamed below. Hexn is currently touring Italy.

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