Mirror Dimension Radio, Ep. #03

We Are Mirrors kicks off summer with another installment of its online radio show, Mirror Dimension Radio. Stream and show notes are below.



I guess I’m just going to retcon this program to be bi-monthly. I seem to be unable to maintain a monthly schedule for this thing. So, here is the episode for May.

I’ve set a precedent of having some low-key trashposting and joke tracks/interludes in this program. This installment, I’ve pulled out the stops and gone all-out meme for some of the songs. You’ll know them when you hear them.

Another precedent for this program has been synth music from or inspired by the 1980s. This mix starts out with a set of tracks in that vein. A couple of tracks I’d like to highlight in this section are “VHS Tape” by Everett’s own goawaysun. It’s produced by Soniphone Records‘ Johnny Lee Ledford, mixed by Erik Blood, and written and performed by the immensely talented Hilary McGowan. Goawaysun has a radio program called Soundopolis on 90.7 KSER late Friday nights.

I’d also like to call out Superorganism in this section. Their self-titled debut record is one of the best pop albums of this year. Don’t sleep on it.

The second section of this mix contains tracks that are a little more aggressive. I’d specifically like to call out Bad Optics here. Bad Optics is an Everett supergroup containing members of NODRA, Nail Houses, Deep Negatives, and Oliver Elf Army. Or, if you’d like to think of it this way, it’s Crystal Desert with the Stereo Wire‘s Henry J on bass. Debuting at this year’s Fisherman’s Village Music Festival under the Nail Houses billing, Bad Optics’ debut EP Warm Strokes of Pragmatism is as raw, powerful, and exciting as you would expect from these gentlemen while maintaining a vibe distinct from their current and past projects.

Finally, I’ve lately been digging really chill music as well (I guess to balance out my harsher musical tastes). Yo La Tengo’s album from this year is fantastic, and listening to it is like enveloping yourself in a soft poncho on a cool summer night. I see it ending up at a high spot on my year-end list.

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