Mirror Dimension Radio, Ep. #01

We Are Mirrors is kicking off 2018 with the first installment of its promised monthly online radio show, Mirror Dimension Radio. Stream and show notes are below.



I’ve been on a big ambient music kick lately, which explains my choices on the first half of this mix. “Rainwater” by Damien Jurado was taken from his Instagram account, where he’s posted a few exclusive mini-songs. I liked this one the best.

In the middle of the mix, I included some of the harsher and weirder tracks that I’ve been digging as of late. “When You Die” by MGMT is incredibly nihilistic (and profanely so), but I really love the vibe of the instrumental and the musical direction they’ve been taking with their recent singles. I’m very much looking forward to the new record.

I would also like to call out “With Every Power Wide Awake” by John Van Deusen. I’m currently writing a review of the record from which it comes, and it will be published over at Renew the Arts. Van Deusen is currently in the process of recording the third record in his (I Am) Origami album series, and I anticipate it being one of the musical highlights of 2018.

Finally, I had to close out the mix with some 80’s-styled jams. I sincerely enjoy that Spandau Ballet track, and no one can stop me.

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