LISTEN: Anacortes punks BUFFET condemn hypocrisy in blistering “Nick #2”

Anacortes “supergroup” BUFFET rebukes hypocrites in only a few short lines in the centerpiece of their debut EP.

BUFFET - EP - cover

BUFFET is a punk collective from Anacortes, WA, comprised of several area musicians: Dick Turner (aka R. Turner), Nick Rennis (The Drink Up, Honey), John Van Deusen & Braydn Kreuger (both formerly of The Lonely Forest). Their inaugural tape, released early this year, is all about authenticity. The six raw emotional sketches succinctly explore feelings of confusion and frustration through invigorating and satisfying punk.

The EP’s centerpiece, “Nick #2,” is the release’s most refined musical and lyrical statement. The production finds the band at their fullest and most in-sync, the looping guitar hook melding perfectly with a simple bass line and cymbal-heavy drum parts. The lyrics, while applicable to most any form of hypocrisy, seem targeted particularly at “cultural Christians” —  those who would claim Christianity merely for attention or “fashionability.” BUFFET plainly and effectively tears down fake faith, calling hypocrites out on the carpet It’s a convicting, to-the-point song that doesn’t lose power in its simplicity.

Stream “Nick #2” and download the EP below. BUFFET can be found on Facebook.


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