LISTEN: Healthbook (FKA The Normal Knees) teases new album

Chattanooga’s premier power-pop and grunge outfit, the Normal Knees, has announced a self-titled record under their new name, Healthbook.

Before their rebranding as Healthbook, the Normal Knees was a bit of an enigma with nary a digital footprint. Now under the¬†new pseudonym, we’re given a single and a Facebook page that uncover just a bit of the mystery. And, though a name (Simon Lillard) is now officially attached to the project, the music maintains its former sense of intrigue.

The new single, “Zelda, In Blue,” is a brief, hazy affair that demonstrates Lillard’s growing control of atmosphere and poetic musings. Though the track is almost a mere teaser (clocking in at only 87 seconds), it delightfully blends layers of sounds in a way only a fully-conceived song can. Droning guitars, MIDI strings, and gentle vocals simmer with tension and melancholy — a tantalizing snapshot of the new music to come.

Healthbook¬†is set to drop by the end of March 2017. Stream and download “Zelda, In Blue” below.


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