The Stereo Wire: How Radio is Bolstering the Everett Music Scene

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On July 7, 2011 at one half-hour past midnight, Henry Yarsinske, Jr. launched his weekly radio show, the Stereo Wire.  The show has undergone format changes in the years since, and it currently airs on Friday nights at 8:30.  But one thing has remained constant over 200+ episodes: Yarsinske’s passion for outstanding local music.

Yarsinske, or “Henry J” as he’s known by his listeners, secured his spot on 90.7 KSER after completing the station’s broadcasting course in the previous October.  The show focuses on indie rock and its subgenres (such as emo and punk), but the mix can still be rather eclectic.   More prevalent than a certain style, however, is a deep connection with the Everett music scene.

This connection comes from Yarsinske’s early experiences, as local music has long held a place of significance and influence in his life.  “Shows definitely were something I looked forward to every single week,” he says, “and without that, who knows what I would be doing now.”  Moreover, Yarsinske himself has also played in local bands, watching the Marysville music scene develop and eventually diminish.  In the rapidly growing music scene in Everett, he sees many parallels to his past involvement.

As a radio DJ, Yarsinske sees an opportunity to contribute something his old scene didn’t have: an advocate on the radio.  “All that I care about is being an outlet for these bands,” Yarsinske says, and the playlists from each week demonstrate this very clearly.  Emerging voices such as Fauna Shade and Greet the Sea make regular appearances, and in very recent times, the Stereo Wire has hosted Everett bands in studio to talk about upcoming releases, shows, and musical influences.

These recent happenings show that the Stereo Wire is defined by action and hands-on involvement.  Yarsinske frequently attends local shows; the Stereo Wire has hosted three concerts in the Everett area; and in this coming May, the Stereo Wire will be hosting the Tony V’s stage at the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival, where many of Yarsinske’s favorite local acts will be playing.

With these recent efforts, the Stereo Wire has joined the likes of entities such as the Everett Music Initiative and the Anchor Pub in fostering the local music scene.  “Now that I can look back and see what’s happening here and appreciate it, I feel like it’s kind of my duty to enhance it in any way that I can,” Yarsinske says.  “That’s what the Stereo Wire has become.”

The Stereo Wire can be found and streamed here, and more info on the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival can be found here.


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