REVIEW: Clone Wolf

Seattle’s Clone Wolf just released their self-titled EP, and it’s a raw effort that displays great potential and ambition.

clone wolf

Simply put, this EP is conflicted.  On the front half of the EP are lyrics pertaining to brokenness and hurt; on the back half are lyrics of rebirth and optimism.  The transition between these opposing attitudes is as jarring as the f-word at the climax of “Good Behavior,” and the juxtaposition comes off as more bipolar than transformative.  The music seems conflicted as well.  The band clearly knows how they want to sound, and they’ve set their sights on admirable stylistic goals.  The proposed vocal post-rock seeks to be epic, sprawling, and intense.  However, the band often pushes their recording limitations, with the low fidelity recordings not always working to accomplish the desired sound.  This conflict is most evident in the drums.

All this being said, Clone Wolf shows a lot of courage in this EP.  While they make some missteps along the way, the band is building a solid foundation to becoming a fully-realized project.  They’ve clearly put their best effort into this EP, and the things they are able to accomplish with their limitations are impressive.

In closing, Clone Wolf’s self-titled EP finds the band assembling their sound and solidifying their direction.  The puzzle remains a bit scrambled, but the pieces they’ve put together so far demonstrates great potential.


Stream and download the EP below, and check out Clone Wolf around the web.

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