REVIEW: How’s Your Mind

‘Bout dang time.  Little Rock’s Knox Hamilton finally dropped their re-debut EP How’s Your Mind.


After teasing and hinting for what seemed like a lifetime, indie-pop outfit Knox Hamilton released what I’ve been dubbing as a re-debut EP: the Tim Pagnotta-produced How’s Your Mind. This new EP feels richer than the now-extinct Great Hall, on which the first single “Work It Out” appeared.  The three new songs (“Rightfully So,” “Set It on Fire,” and the title-track) are likeable dance-rock anthems that should help extend the rays of summer into autumn.  The EP seems a bit out of balance, focusing only on upbeat tracks without revealing much of the band’s softer side.  Overall, it perhaps wasn’t worth all the time spent waiting.  Nevertheless, this offering is entertaining and well-produced.  The boys of Knox Hamilton know how to write a good song, so I’m excited to hear something with more substance in the next go-around.


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