Review: COIN

Here’s another Nashville indie rock band to help you hold on to the final rays of summer as the autumn rolls in.


COIN’s self-titled debut is filled with nostalgia, both in music and lyrics.  The music hearkens to 80’s New Wave, with rolling synths and guitars and anthemic choruses.  There are moments evocative of A Flock of Seagulls, and others more like modern rock giants such as the Killers.  In the lyric department, singer Chase Lawrence’s buttery voice (buttery really does seem like the best word here) reminisces over lost youth and looks forward to an unknown future.  He holds on to positivity all the while, still acknowledging the overall uncertainty of growing up.

There really isn’t a weak track on this record (“It’s a Trap” is the least stunning, but it’s still solid), so it’s hard to pick favorites.  However, after mulling it over, I think that the best songs here are “Time Machine,” “Holy Ghost,” and “Speaking Voice.”

“Time Machine” is an ode to memories and days gone past.  This track has perhaps the most energy on the album, and the musical breakdown at the 2:10 mark is exquisite 80’s glory, with the drums, synths, and guitars dueling it out.  “Holy Ghost” is my favorite melody off the album.  The track has some swagger and slink to it, and the lyrics caution against placing unrealistic expectations on other people.  “Speaking Voice” is a nice mid-tempo jam.  There are some sound textures in this track that are unique to the album, including toy piano and tambourine.  The rhythm section is on point here, and overall it’s the most mature track on the album, showing the band under some restraint.  The other tracks are still very compelling, but there’s something exceptionally focused and excellent about this song that I can’t quite name.

The only weakness with the album is that it adheres pretty tightly to modern indie standbys, such as the gang-vocals, some whoah-oh’s, and even the 80’s nostalgia.  This album probably isn’t for those who are tired of these devices.  However, COIN is a welcome addition to the Nashville and alternative music scenes, and I would certainly recommend giving this album a listen.  This debut is thoughtful, fun, and well-composed.  COIN is going on tour with one of our other favorite Nashville bands, Colony House, this fall.


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