REVIEW: The Great Minimum

I’ve been introduced to many different folksy, singer-songwriters thanks to Noisetrade. Tow’rs is a yet another such group, and they have managed to stick out from the rest.

untitled (2)

Tow’rs hails from Flagstaff, Arizona – a place from which I haven’t heard much music (nor is it an area known for music). Their self-titled debut release (a mini-album/long-EP) was intriguing enough to prompt a download and listen. Their full-length, however, is much more engaging and memorable. The Great Minimum capitalizes on the evident strengths of Tow’rs’ first release, and it develops some of its weaker areas.

The clearest strength of the album is the vocals. The melodies and harmonies are outstanding, and none of the voices wear down on the listener (as can sometimes be the case with folk). The lyrics strike a contemplative chord, often lingering on thoughts of finding peace amidst struggle. The struggle is never smothering, but the peace in the lyrics can be hard to find. Therefore, the lyrics paint a realistic picture of our journeys through life.

Musically, the release is very well balanced. The people at Tow’rs definitely know what they’re doing and where they’re going musically. The music always seems at ease with the vocals, never feeling forced or unnatural. It is evident that the band has spent dedicated time since their last release to define their own musical identity.

This is how Tow’rs sets themselves apart from the numerous other folk groups I have heard in recent times: they know what works for them, and they work what they know. Tow’rs first release was a bit shaky because their style hadn’t fully developed. They had yet to find their footing. In The Great Minimum, Tow’rs is at a full run. Musical, vocal, and lyrical maturity blossoms like a fresh garden; and this album is not unlike a garden itself. It is organized in such a way to reap the greatest harvest, but it is still earthy and warm. Definitely give this album a listen.


Tow’rs can be found at the links below.

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