Review: DOVE

In talking with John Ringhofer of Half-handed Cloud, I learned that he had released a limited-edition vinyl-only EP called DOVE commissioned by Henningham Family Press.  As a burgeoning audiophile and record connoisseur, I looked into it.  I was not disappointed.

Half-handed Cloud - DOVE cover square

First, head over here to read the story behind the lyrics, release, and performance of DOVE. 

DOVE is lulling and peaceful, and perhaps one of the most conventional releases from John Ringhofer’s discography.  The track-length averages about 2 minutes (which is long for HHC), and the instrumentation is simpler more straightforward than other releases (no rhythmic zipper here).  Piano drives most of the release, accompanied by other standard folk instrumentation.  The release progresses at a good pace, and nothing feels left out or unnecessary.

One thing I’d like to add about the lyrics of the release (the aforelinked post sums it up pretty well): the prayers to and portrayals of God in this release are beautifully and contagiously joyful.  They strike a nearly perfect balance of childishness and maturity, and they are completely devoid of cynicism.

Perhaps the only downside of the release is the inherent quirkiness of the styles on display.  It may prove to be a bit much for some, but it is endearing through-and-through.  It may not be your cup of tea, but you can’t help but smile when listening.  The weirdness never seems overdone; rather, it is totally sincere.  It’s hard to find sincere artists anyway, so it’s refreshing to hear and see an artist who is both sincere and unique.


So, I’d certainly recommend picking up this EP if you have a record player.  There’s only a few copies left, and you can buy it here from Burnt Toast Vinyl.  Read the interview I did with John here.

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