LISTEN: New tracks from Thad Kopec & FMLYBND

By now, you may be tired of hearing about Thad Kopec and FMLYBND.  But we’re not, especially if their singles are this good and free on Soundcloud.

“Guardian” by Thad Kopec

Thad Kopec continues to raise the bar in his music, and this increase continues with “Guardian,” the second single from his forthcoming EP The Ridge (you can read our review of the first single HERE).  The lyrics are more straightforward than previous releases, and the developing narrative created from listening to the singles back-to-back in release order is quite interesting.  Musically, Thad stays true to his previously developed styles and preferences.  Dense, warm sound layers sway over a jazzy beat with a grand melody.  This EP is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated releases, and I would not be surprised if it makes a reappearance as a year-end favorite.

“Save Me From Myself” by FMLYBND

FMLYBND has yet to disappoint with their monthly single, but they certainly have never been lacking surprises.  Their trap-infused cover of the Pixies classic “Where is My Mind?” was a delightful departure from form, and last month’s “Euphoria” gave us a taste of Braelyn’s unique style.  However, all of the previous singles have had a distinct electronic style.  “Save Me From Myself” leaves this influence almost completely behind and embraces elements of grunge and surf-rock.  Despite the dramatic difference in approach, FMLYBND has delivered yet another stellar tune that is perfect for driving away the cold of spring and ushering in the warmth of summer.  The lyrics from this song seem more emotional and personal than in previous songs, which adds a new layer of depth to the band.  This year has a lot in store for FMLYBND, and I can’t wait to hear what else is coming down the pipeline.

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