REVIEW: Thad Kopec releases stellar new single, “Every Drop”

Today, I would like to highlight the song “Every Drop” by Nashville singer/songwriter Thad Kopec.  If you’re a fan of Zach Winters, Fleet Foxes, or Bon Iver, you should probably read on …



As is the case with many artists I enjoy, I first stumbled upon Thad Kopec in a Noisetrade email.  Due to a glowing review by editor Will Hodge, I picked up Thad’s debut Heart of Man and subsequent EP Noble Neighbor, and I was impressed with what I heard.  Thad is a meticulous singer/songwriter with a knack for creating warm compositions with solemn undertones.  Recent single “Every Drop” chronicles a child’s reckoning with the departure of his father, ending with the singer’s repeated questioning of whether or not he was to blame.

The track begins with a synthesizer flourish, leading into a guitar riff reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel.  Piano is sprinkled throughout the song, evoking imagery of liquid drops.  Synthesizers serve a similar function, peeking out from the layers of sound like sunrays through the fog.

In fact, the best part of the song is its layering.  “Every Drop” seems much richer than any of Thad Kopec’s other releases.  The different textures don’t detract from each other; the inherent coldness of synthesizers dance with their warm, acoustic partners.  No one temperature becomes more prevalent than the other, much like the lyrical tug and pull between the “little bits of terror/little bits of joy” found in the lyrics.  The result is one of the best listening experiences from Thad Kopec thus far.  If this single is indicative of how the next album will be, Thad will find himself with a rapidly-expanding fan-base come the end of the year.

Be sure to download “Every Drop” in the player above and to check out Thad Kopec’s other work at the following links.






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