REVIEW: It’s Natural – EP

It's Natural - EPIf I had to choose one word to describe the Everett, WA duo Bryan Bradley and Aaron Coughlin, known as I Will Keep Your Ghost (or IWKYG), it would be “captivating.”  I first heard this band while station hopping on the radio.  I landed on KEXP, and the DJ was just introducing their song “Nothing.”  Since they are local, my interest was aroused and I listened to the song.  Then I promptly looked them up on Facebook, and I listened to their five song EP It’s Natural on ReverbNation.  I wasn’t completely sold at first, but something about their sound kept me coming back day after day.

After multiple days of listening, I decided to support them by purchasing their music on iTunes.  Now I’m (officially) hooked.  IWKYG blends electric guitars and synthetic sounds into a satisfying mix that is perfect for pretty much any mood.  Some tracks are danceable, while others have a chiller feel.  I can’t really compare them to anyone, but the closest to their alternative electric style would probably be Depeche Mode.  Lyrically, they explore the ups and downs of relationships.  Unrelated to the music: I’m not sure why, but I REALLY like the cover art.  There’s just something about it I like.  I can’t put a finger on it, but it aesthetically pleases me.

IWKYG have a uniqueness and musical chemistry that is refreshing.  They write music that comes straight from their own selves, without pressure from a label.  Creativity is always good to see, and – at least for me personally – especially from a local and relatively newly formed group.  I Will Keep Your Ghost has an exciting future ahead of them.  I can’t wait to hear a full length album.



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